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Kent + Sydney

"May the Fourth Be With You" Maryland Wedding | Oliver's Carriage House


Sydney and Kent's Wedding on May 4, 2019 was a classic summer wedding ceremony with a "Star Wars" themed reception at Oliver's Carriage House in Columbia, Maryland. The ceremony was set just outside the venue near a gazebo. The girls in beautiful dusty lilac colored dresses and guys in grey suits with lilac accents was gorgeous against the backdrop of the garden and stone exterior of the venue. With the ceremony complete and the newlyweds ready to party the lights went down and the light sabers went up! I could appreciate the "Star Wars" accents as I am a HUGE fan! So my inner Star Warrior definitely got to come out for this wedding! We wish you nothing but love and "May the Force be with you in your many years of wedded bliss!"

To view the complete "Sneak Preview Gallery" for Kent + Sydney, click HERE:

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